Exit Panic Bar in Tucson, AZ

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If you operate a business it is important to keep the security of your customers as well as your staff in mind at all times. One way of enhancing their safety is to install a panic hardware, which will help you evacuate the building quickly in case you have an emergency situation in your facility.

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Locksmith Tucson AZ can install a panic exit device on your emergency exit doors and very quickly you will be able to guarantee quick and more orderly exit from your building in case of a fire or any other security threat. This devise is tied to your building security and can get triggered easily.

Panic Bar Installed

With a single push, your device will be triggered to open the door to the outside allowing people to exit the building. We will be able to install the panic bar door quickly to give you this ability, which can save lives and also avoid the risk of litigation. If you call us we can quickly install the device for you.

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Your city may even require any commercial building, especially one that has a certain number of workers or shoppers, to have a panic exit bar installed as part of code requirements. If you are not sure what size you need or where these gadgets need to be installed, our locksmiths can review your building and guide you.